ENF Endowment

ENF Endowment is an independent charity that exists to support the work of the East Neuk Festival and help it flourish in the long-term.

Why have an Endowment?

We believe passionately in the work ENF does and we want it to last for decades to come:

  • to present superb, memorable performances in this beautiful place which makes listening to music all the more special and intense
  • to support and nurture young artists
  • to offer life-changing creative opportunities to artists and members of our community alike.
  • to work with partners locally, nationally and internationally to realise our goals
  • to improve the quality of life for all who come into contact with us

The Challenge

Every year, ENF raises at least £300,000 in order to present the festival. To cover all the bills from ticket sales, every ticket would have to cost in the region of £70-£80 rather than £5-£25, so we are very, very grateful to the many loyal and generous supporters from the public and private sectors who support us.

Even so, the big challenge of fundraising is unpredictability. From year to year, ENF’s income can vary dramatically simply because one year we are more successful and luckier at competing for available funding than the next.

By building an endowment we seek to allow ENF to do what it does, and do it so much better – to become more ambitious, plan with greater security, and make an even greater difference. An endowment will do that by reducing the risk of short term funding unpredictability derailing long-term vision.

How can we do it?

The ENF Endowment is a fund separate from the ongoing finances of the ENF, which can be invested to yield a regular income for the festival and support its work. Unless we are VERY lucky this may never cover all the costs of the festival, but even if it contributes 20% of them it will make a huge difference. We need a lot of kindred spirits to help us.

From time to time, one of our regular artists will give a special one-off concert in support of the fund. Christian Zacharias gave our first fund-raiser on 24 January 2019, and we will announce future fundraisers soon.

We invite anyone who loves ENF to contribute and help us build this future. All donations will be separate from the usual annual Patron donations. An anonymous donor has already got the ball rolling with a generous one-off donation of £10,000, but donations of all sizes will be very gratefully received and acknowledged.

If you are interested in donating, please contact ian@eastneukfestival.com or call the festival office on 0330 22 11 093. If you’d like to send a cheque in the post, please download this form and include it with your payment: ENF Endowment form

By remembering the ENF Endowment in your will, you could help secure the future of the ENF and all it represents for memorable music making, wonderful musicians and the whole friendly and special thing that is the East Neuk Festival.

If you are interested in donating, please contact ian@eastneukfestival.com or call the festival office on 0330 22 11 093.

ENF is all about music and arts but the fact that we happen makes a huge difference to the local economy: more than 60% of the audience visit Fife especially for the festival, using B&Bs, hotels, restaurants, shops, transport, and so on as they do so. We invite any Fife business to help us secure the future for this festival which helps others.

ENF Endowment Fund is a charity registered in Scotland No SC042934
Donald MacDonald CBE, Chair
Shields Henderson, Trustee