ENF is interested in working with outstanding young artists who have a great idea to suggest and are looking for the kind of support and development possibilities that ENF Retreat can offer. These include A&R, advocacy, practical assistance with logistics/production, support in fundraising, offering performance opportunities and helping seek onward performances. We are looking for artists whose idea will deliver excellent and distinctive work that has potential for onward development or performance and that will make a tangible difference to the artist’s future.

All ENF Retreats involve coming to Fife to work on your ideas; usually we anticipate that the work may take place in bursts over a period of 6-12 months, so we put an upper limit of 10 days in total.
You may invite a mentor or request specialist support, or you may want to involve other musicians/artists – every residency is different.

ENF provides a lot – expenses, accommodation, catering, technical and project support, PR and promotion. We do not pay participants, except if a residency results in a performance in the Festival, in which case we agree a fee.

A successful project is typically –

– solo or chamber scale performance
– realisable within a residency of 10 days within 6-12 months
– Allow the artist to test some new idea, technique or possibility
– Needs this kind of support to be realised (we will not support a simple preparation of a programme or recording.)
– Have potential for further performance / development
– Fits with the ENF’S artistic programme

What we don’t do:

– commission: this is a place to develop ideas, take next steps, take risks
– support simple preparation for a concert programme or album

If you would like to pitch your case, email svend@eastneukfestival.com