Big Project

Every year, ENF creates a BIG PROJECT – a new piece that brings together professional and community musician to devise a performance as part of the main festival programme.

2022’s Big Project was THUNDERPLUMP! A great word, no? It means “a heavy, thundery shower that seems to come from nowhere and soaks you in seconds.” (Thank you @susie_dent for introducing us to it.)

It got us thinking about what a huge part the weather place in our lives in the East Neuk. Every kind of weather, not just the glorious sunshine… So we asked David Behrens to create a set of short films encapsulating different kinds of weather, and Neil Brand to lead a cast of Fife musicians aged 7 to over 70, including players from Fife Youth Jazz Orchestra,  Tullis Russell Mills Band, St Andrews Music Participation and The Wallace Collection to create soundtracks for them. The premiere took place on 29 June 2022 – here’s a glimpse behind the scenes.

ENF’s Big Project 2022 is Supported by The Scops Arts Trust, The William Syson Foundation, The Foyle Foundation and The Russell Trust