A message from ENF Director, Svend McEwan-Brown

[Colin Hattersley Photography]

Over the past year, as we worked towards ENF2022, the whole team was keenly aware that it would take no more than a fresh wave of COVID to overturn all our plans. I did not anticipate that I myself would miss two thirds of it due to testing positive, but before that happened I was delighted to see both many familiar faces and new faces come together to enjoy one of our most ambitious programmes to date. I heartily thank everyone – performers, audience, team, funders – who helped make it such a success. 


Elisabeth Leonskaja in rehearsal [photo by Neil Hanna]

I have been reliving highlights of ENF2022 through the reviews which have been warm and enthusiastic:

“Unquestionably, though, the greatest day in this or (in my experience) any other festival came in three extraordinary concerts from 11.30 in the morning to about 9.30 at night.“ [The Arts Desk about Saturday]

“this was a year of great riches…” [Vox Carnyx]

“Every year Svend McEwan-Brown, the festival’s director, entices some of the finest musicians to this sleepy corner of Scotland, and they keep coming back.” [The Times]

We’ve put links to all the review at eastneukfestival.com/about-enf/press-media/ 


Rihab Azaar in concert [photo by Neil Hanna]

IN 2022, more people than ever made personal donations to ENF, and I give my profound thanks to every one of them. ENF simply could not happen without you, and I hope you will support us as we turn to our plans for 2023. Tempting fate it may be, but I suspect ENF2023 will be a proper feast of treats. At the heart of our programme, we welcome back the Belcea Quartet who return with a host of international friends, all major artists in their own right, to play solo, duo, quartet and sextet. As ever, there will also be new faces, music of different traditions, quirky happenings and unexpected surprises (in a very good way).


If you would like to support us, the simplest way is to use our online DONATION FORM – and I thank you in advance.

Perhaps the most important reflection I took from this year’s event is how happy festivals make us – from a seven year-old horn player to the most senior among us, I saw pleasure and smiles wherever I looked. That’s quite a thing, especially after recent years.


Thunderplump rehearsals [Neil Hanna Photography]