Harry Diplock Trio

Harry Diplock, guitar

Dave Kelbie, rhythm guitar

Matt Holborn, violin

Originally starting his journey from Devon to London in 2012 as a guitar builder, Harry soon became part of the jazz scene where his love of improvisation took over. Now at the forefront of the gypsy jazz scene in the UK and co-founder of the London Django Collective, Harry has played all over Europe at venues such as Ronnie Scott’s, Torino Jazz Club, 606 and La Monk Taverne de Cluny. Harry is also an educator in the style and regularly teaches as well as hosting various workshops at jazz festivals.

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Dave Kelbie has devoted his professional career to playing rhythm guitar. Over the last 30 years he has been a prominent accompanist to many of the world’s leading jazz soloists and possibly every celebrated guitarist in the Gypsy jazz world. For 25 years he has held the rhythm guitar seat to UK guitar legend John Etheridge and his band Sweet Chorus, and more recently London’s super stylish vintage jazz band The Dime Notes with U.S pianist Andrew Oliver and clarinetist David Horniblow. With a recent project, a seven year stretch with New Orleans clarinetist Evan Christopher and the mutli-award winning project Django a la Creole, Kelbie has become one of the most sought after rhythm guitarists on the world stage and he continues to work with New Orleans banjoist/guitarist Don Vappie in the recently formed, and very distinguished group, Jazz Creole.

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Matt Holborn is an improvising violinist based in London. He performs with The London Django Collective, Learn To Draw and curates nights for Soho Jazz Live.  He has collaborated with and written music for The Oxford Philharmonic Orchestra, Domenico Angarano, Hull Jazz Festival, Elaha Soroor and the Spitalfield Music. He is also a jazz Violin Teacher and Podcaster with a love of food, whisky and bad jokes.

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HARRY DIPLOCK TRIO - East Neuk Festival


Dreel Halls - July 1st, 2023 @ 5:00 pm